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Mediation is a voluntary meeting between the parties, presided over by the mediator whose role is to facilitate a voluntary resolution of the matter in dispute. The disputed matter may or may not be the subject of a pending court case. For example, parties will sometimes agree to mediate their dispute in order to avoid costs of litigation in court. The benefits of mediation include the parties’ ability to control the outcome of their dispute, without spending additional money on attorney and legal costs, and without risking an unfavorable outcome at trial. Mediation is not an evidentiary hearing. Mediation is a confidential setting-nothing that is said during a mediation may be repeated or referenced inside a courtroom.  The confidential setting of mediation facilitates confidence among the parties, inviting them to address matters without fear of future legal retribution by opposing parties. Under the guidance of a skilled mediator, resolution is at hand.

Beyond his own professional legal experience for more than 20 years, Timothy M. Weir served for many years on the settlement-conference temporary judge panel in the probate department of the Superior Court, County of Sacramento, successfully resolved countless disputed matters by way of mediation, and successfully completed formal training in various methods of mediation practice. His professional demeanor and legal insight are highly regarded among his legal peers, judges before whom he has appeared, and his clients.