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Excellent legal authority

I saw Mr. Weir on a referral, needing expert advice after my wife passed away unexpectedly and without a will. His assistant scheduled 1.5 hours, asking me to bring certain documents, and advising me it would be without charge. Mr Weir spent nearly 2.5 hours with me reviewing my documents and conducting research on issues unique to my situation. He provided specific advice on how to move forward, including specific wording to be used in correspondence. My wife's estate is relatively uncomplicated, so it was clear there would be little need for additional time. Yet he never implied, nor did I feel, my situation was "beneath" his expertise. I was quite impressed with this. There would be no additional billable hours, yet he didn't rush through our meeting, and his interest was in addressing all of my questions and concerns. His advice was invaluable, and his demeanor was comforting. I felt he was genuinely concerned for me personally, and wanted to make sure I was fully taken care of. I will strongly recommend Mr. Weir to anyone that asks me, and I feel lucky to have found him.

– Rich S.

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