Law Offices of Timothy M. Weir

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Practice Areas

Trusts, Estates & Probate

Estate Planning and Trial Lawyer, Mediator

The Law Offices of Timothy M. Weir is one of very few law firms in Northern California offering multiple decades of effective experience in probate, estate planning, litigation and mediation. Principal attorney, Timothy M. Weir, is Certified as a Specialist in Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate by the California State Bar, Board of Specialization.  Mr. Weir's clients consistently recognize his genuine care about them, in addition to his abilities to provide excellent legal advice; minimize time, legal fees and costs; and successfully advocate on their behalf against difficult legal adversaries.  Mr. Weir is extraordinarily well-suited to guide you through the probate process, prepare an estate plan, protect your rights through litigation, or mediate a complex legal controversy.  Mr. Weir's relationships with his clients, colleagues and courts consistently demonstrate his ability to resolve complex legal issues.

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