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What to Expect about Legal Consultations

Consultation meetings typically require one hour to ninety minutes of discussion.  During consultation meetings, we will typically review the following issues and documentation that you can bring to the meeting related to them:

In Probate consultations, the place of residence of the decedent; what the decedent owned; what the decedent owed; identification living relatives of the decedent including the decedent's surviving spouse, children, parents, siblings, and grandchildren, the nature of a Probate proceeding, including how long it typically takes and much does it typically cost to open, administer and close an estate.

In Estate Planning consultations, identification of family members, identification of persons you wish to name to act as your agents under various estate planning instruments, e.g., wills, trust, durable powers of attorney; what you own; what you owe; who you wish to succeed to your wealth when you die.

In Litigation consultations, the subject of and the amount in controversy; any pleadings presently filed with the court; the parties involved in the controversy; the estimated time and cost that would be expected to be incurred by you and your attorney to resolve the controversy and a comparison of the cost and time to the value of your interest in the matter.

In Conservatorship consultations, the person who is the subject of a conservatorship is referred to as the Conservatee.  The person who is proposed to be appointed to be in charge of the conservatee is called the conservator.  We will identify the relationship of the petitioner and the proposed conservator to the conservatee; any public assistance or social support received by the proposed conservatee; medical opinions by the proposed conservative's doctor(s) addressing the need for a conservatorship; and alternatives to conservatorship. 

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