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Trusts & Estates - Estate Planning

A Trust is the most effective way to maximize the amount of your hard-earned wealth that you can transfer to your loved ones. Your financial affairs, your medical care, and, if you are a parent of a minor child, guardianship of your child, require management by a trusted agent. This is true not only after you die but also if you lose the ability, due to illness or trauma, to handle your affairs on your own. 

In estate planning consultations, we typically discuss and review documentation you will bring with you addressing identification of family members, identification of persons you wish to name to act as your agents under various estate planning instruments, e.g., wills, trust, durable powers of attorney; what you own; what you owe; who you wish to succeed to your wealth when you die.

Certified Estate-Planning Specialist Timothy M. Weir can prepare an effective Estate Plan tailored to meet your personal expectations. 

The Law Offices of Timothy M. Weir offers more than twenty years of successful experience involving probate, trusts and estates, conservatorships and real property.

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