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Conservatorship proceedings are complicated and require precise and knowledgable communication with the court.  In Conservatorship consultations, the person who is the subject of a conservatorship is referred to as the Conservatee.  The person who is proposed to be appointed to be in charge of the conservatee is called the conservator.  

In Conservatorship consultations, we will identify the relationship of the petitioner and the proposed conservator to the conservatee; any public assistance or social support received by the proposed conservatee; medical opinions by the proposed conservative's doctor(s) addressing the need for a conservatorship; and alternatives to conservatorship.  We will also discuss the nature of a conservatorship proceeding including how long it will be expected to obtain legal authority to act as conservator, the responsibilities of the conservator, and the anticipated cost of the proceeding.

The Law Offices of Timothy M. Weir offers more than twenty years of successful experience involving probate, trusts and estates, conservatorships and real property.

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